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We want to make sure that every athlete has an opportunity to achieve...

TRU Performance is dedicated to improving the speed, agility, strength, and health of all our athletes. We want to make sure that every athlete has an opportunity to achieve their true performance every time they step onto the field. TRU performance believes that results are won in the off-season. Our programs are designed to train the body and mind in ways that it is not accustomed to. We accomplish this by training our athletes in our facility equipped with an indoor turf field, indoor batting cages, and specifically selected equipment.  At TRU Performance we believe the journey to becoming a great athlete not only starts with proper training but also proper nutrition. To help our athletes and clients reach their goals we have partnered with a sports nutritionist to help assist in any nutritional goals. TRU Performance doesn’t just improve the physical aspects of the athlete but also the mental and psychological aspects of the athlete.


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